Daily news on data and analytics

Gartner: Analytics Is Top Business Priority

Gartner Inc. says advanced analytics is a top business priority today, fueled by the need to make advanced analysis accessible to more users and broaden insights into the business.

Birst Pushes To Differentiate A Third Party Analytics Platform

When Salesforce.com announced Wave, its analytics offering, there was much speculation about what it meant for other vendors. The general consensus was that it would be negative for vendors offering lighter weight analytics products but beneficial for …Continue Reading

How to Use Social Listening to Improve Brand Health

Ready to run a high-performing social/digital marketing program? What are the essential elements? Content marketing — check. Content optimization — check. Social media strategy — check. Everything is there, right? Wrong. What’s missing? Audience int…Continue Reading

B2B and Social Media Content Marketing

Visit any social media outlet today and you’re likely to find numerous articles about Social Media Content Marketing, also known as Inbound Marketing, with outlines, diagrams, and frameworks that say very much of the same thing, albeit in different sha…Continue Reading

Visualizations may shape smarter city development

There’s more to making cities smart than the Internet of Things and the collection of big data. The move to address urban problems like pollution and traffic congestion has shone a spotlight on instrumenting things like roads, light poles and mobile de…Continue Reading

The Harmful Side of Big Data: Identity Theft

Big data presents a huge opportunity for cyber criminals to get access to millions of records with lesser effort. So how does one protect themselves from a big data breach?read more…Continue Reading

Forecasting: It’s What’s Hot in Supply Chain Analytics

In the world of commerce, every business ecosystem has a type of supply chain that is critical to corporate operations. These supply chains rely on a network of plants and facilities to add value to and transform raw materials into a final product.read…Continue Reading

Internet2 slices network

The Internet2 this week said it can now demonstrate a nationwide virtualized multitenant network that operates as multiple discrete, private networks. Virtualization allows Internet2 to be partitioned into isolated “slices” that can accomod…Continue Reading

How Tech Can Protect You From Big Data

As our digital trails explode, privacy is being eroded. Two heavyweights in predictive analytics debated whether it’s possible to use data-mining technologies and protect privacy at the same time.Continue Reading

Cleveland Clinic uses IBM’s Watson in the cloud to fight cancer

The Cleveland Clinic is beginning a pilot program with a cloud service based on IBM’s Watson cognitive computing technology to aid its research into new cancer treatments. IBM Chairman and CEO Ginni Rometty, speaking Wednesday at the 2014 Cleveland Cli…Continue Reading