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This Startup Gets DOE Grant To Create A Solar FICO Score Card

A solar analytics startup is set to receive a $500,000 federal grant to create a rating system that will help investors make solar power project investment decisions. The project builds on a database of solar panel performance that the startup, KWh Analytics, created using a previous grant from the U.S. Department [...]…

Some drones may be consumer toys, but they’re about to bring big data to big industries

Drones will be more than delivery vehicles or cool cameras, said 3DRobotics CEO. Expect to see them in industries in the next two years.Continue Reading

Twitter Introduces App Platform Fabric In Bid For More Mobile Dollars, Data

Twitter is beefing up its mobile presence, making a move for more ad dollars and data from handheld devices. On Wednesday, the social media company introduced Fabric, a mobile-app platform meant to lure more developers to its suite of products. The mov…Continue Reading

5 Big Data Trends Government IT Can’t Ignore

Government IT leaders must stop sitting on the big data sidelines, waiting to make a play.Continue Reading

Addressing 5 Objections to Big Data

For many businesses, especially smaller ones, big data can be almost incomprehensible and understandably so. There are so many different parts to it that if you take one look you may think it’s just too much for your business to ever use. Again, …Continue Reading

Why Pandora Is Opening Its Big Data To Artists

Pandora’s new artist analytic platform is genuinely useful, but it’s also an olive branch in a bigger battle.For nine years, Pandora has been amassing a stockpile of data–and 45 billion “thumb” button clicks later, the Internet radio company knows so …Continue Reading

Survey: Big Data Delivers the Goods

Can big data really deliver what it promises – the insights businesses need to leave the competition trailing in their wake? The latest evidence is exciting: senior leaders in organizations using big data report satisfaction with the results.Continue Reading

Future of TV: Funding The Future of Networks

If you have any doubt that video is the biggest untapped next phase of the web, just take a look at the capital that is funding a long list of content-centric startups. The quality of the entrepreneurs, and the size of their ambitions should, at the…Continue Reading

Waiting for Hadoop is like Waiting for Godot, says Gartner

Companies looking on open source Hadoop development before they deploy the data processing system are like characters from Samuel Beckett’s play Waiting for Godot, says analyst Gartner. The indecision of the tragic characters in the play is now being p…Continue Reading

Hey, Corporate Director!

Too many people today think of cybercrime as only identity theft and stolen credit cards. Despite the Targets and Home Depots and other recent events in the news, this is small stuff. It is remarkable that from the halls of Congress to corporate boardr…Continue Reading