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Big Data Appliances: Cray Promotes Hadoop

Hadoop, the open source Big Data platform, has found a home on Cray Inc.'s big data analytics appliance -- called the Cray Urika-XA system.

SAP talks up Hana but small companies slow to sign on

Small and medium-sized businesses looking to grow need to leverage big data, cloud computing and mobility, and SAP says that its Hana platform can help them on those fronts.”If we can bring the power of Hana to small businesses we can change the world,…Continue Reading

The Mayo Wars

Around 77 A.D., Pliny, an army commander of the early Roman Empire, first wrote of a condiment that has been at the center of a lawsuit this week. “When garlic is beaten up in oil and vinegar, it swells up in foam to a surprising size.” That ancient co…Continue Reading

Digital Branding Is Here; Are Your Analytics Ready?

Wherever you stand on the swirling controversy around banner ads, you likely do agree on one thing: 20 years after the banner brought print-style ads online, digital branding has come a long, long way. From native ads to the rapid rise of online video,…Continue Reading

The Term ‘Black Friday’ Has Lost All Meaning

Black Friday is not just a single day anymore. In the past few years, U.S. retailers have stretched “Black Friday,” which once meant the day after Thanksgiving, across days and even weeks of bargains. That trend could continue if companies — struggli…Continue Reading

Accenture, MIT Rally Big Data and Analytics Researchers

Accenture and MIT are attempting to rally the analytics community to solve some of the world’s most complex business and social problems. The duo’s Big Data and analytics rally cry started this week with a request for proposals specifically aimed at MI…Continue Reading

Three Challenges Europe Faces in Becoming a Competitive Big Data Market

The European Commission is working hard on developing a competitive European Big Data market. Last week, as a result of this, the European Digital Forum convened the High-Level Roundtable on Europe’s Digital Future. Here’s my vision of how Europe…Continue Reading

Silverton Banks On Analytics For Turnaround

Oregon healthcare organization Silverton Health hopes sophisticated analytics can help it fight rising tide of patients who don’t pay their bills.Continue Reading

Bank CEOs Fear Data-Driven Decisions

Do bank CEOs fear analytics? A recent study found that analytics are underused at banks and that senior executives are cold to the technology: a scant 20% said that if it were up to them their organization would be highly data driven.Continue Reading

Tweets Tell Whether You Have A Job

Twitter data mining could provide governments with an alternative means of measuring unemployment, researchers say.Continue Reading